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I live every day in the mad, mad world of diabetes, and understand that gut-wrenching feeling when the doctor says, “You’re a diabetic.”  I was 44 and shocked beyond belief. It not only affected me, but my entire family. Cooking and Eating to make grandparents, husband, and kids all happy was interesting, to say the least!  Adjusting to all of this is definitely a process I’ve been through, and getting the right information and help is essential. GET HELP NOW

If you want to reverse diabetes or prevent it, you can. Dr. Hilts says, “You will feel a whole lot better in an amazingly short amount of time. As an added benefit, you reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes. If you free your body from carrying around extra weight, your feet, knees, and hips will love you. In many cases, the complications of diabetes, eye and kidney problems, neuropathy, your body can repair when you get your blood sugar in the normal range. It’s easier than you think. If you are ready to make life easier and better, do it now! EASIER AND BETTER NOW

If you have tried and felt like everything you’ve tried has failed, seen others make strides while you’ve struggled, lost weight and then just gained it right back, this is the time to take heart. If eating has become just downright stressful, you feel like you’ll never enjoy food again, and choosing what to eat is complicated by all the different opinions of “experts,” there is a way out.  A way to come through smiling and on top.  Meet a team who each individually manages their own diabetes, and then comes alongside others to help them do the same!  I’M READY TO GO!

As a daily diabetic my outreach is to bring HOPE to those who need help but have nowhere to turn. The misinformation many experience is absolutely real. The majority involves food. What is acceptable and what is not. The emotional anxiety that comes with diabetes is also real. People have no support system and feel alone and helpless. And finally an exercise plan people can live with. JOIN US. SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS. CHANGE YOUR WORLD.

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