What I found on my educational journey was a LOT of conflicting information, both in books and on the internet. It was the obsessive observation of my own blood sugar and careful correction from our doctor, that I discovered the Truth. That Truth is what prompted me write my first book, YOUR NEW BFF.  exposing the Truth to others on how to live a full life; with or without a diagnosis of diabetes.

My name is Kim Minert, and I am a CD (Certified Diabetic). I created this designation so I could have letters after my name like all my friends.

As a Type 1 diabetic, I earned this credential attending daily lifestyle ‘classes’ in the School of Blood Sugar Management, nothing like real-life experiece to educate a girl!


As a budding musician in my twenties, I was torn between the desire to be on stage and showcase my talent or to stay behind the curtain and hide. My jeans were so tight I could barely walk or find the next bigger size.

Years of yo-yo dieting followed, binging, starving, closet eating, until finally I got a grip on my addiction to carbohydrates (specifically apple fritters and cinnabons) and embraced a lifestyle of healthier eating.

“Kim, I would like to thank you for presenting diabetes information at our Wellness Workshops at the Karsten Manufacturing Corporation. Diabetes is a disease that has touched the lives of many of our staff here at Ping, in one way or another. Our employees were happy to learn easy, effective ways to prevent and/or manage diabetes or how to help their family and friends.

You were able to keep their attention and present a serious subject with a light-hearted and often humorous approach. Thank you for your contribution to our wellness program.”
Brooke Shearer Benefits Manager

The friends and mentors shown above are part of an amazing network of individuals at the forefront of diabetes research and education. Some are authors, others are practicing diabetics who continue their research and share the benefits of low carb – high protein nutrition and lifestyle wellness. They continue to support me in my outreach and provide invaluable advice and coaching.
My thanks to all.

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