Speaking to audiences of all sizes is one of my favorite things to do. Whether I am in rural communities like my home state of Montana or cities like Phoenix, I see a melting pot of misinformation about diabetes, along with emotional trauma, nightmare nutritional lifestyles, denial, and hopelessness.  The faces in the crowd are all looking for answers, the best foods to eat and what kind of exercise to engage in.  Being diabetic myself, I can relate!

Together with my husband Tim (Type 1 diabetic), my doctor Helen Hilts, MD (Type 2 diabetic) and my daughter, personal trainer Andrea Hall, we have presentations for any audience wanting accurate, timely and useful information to prevent or reverse diabetes. For options see my Speaker One Sheet.

Helen Hilts, MD:  A diabetic who treats diabetic patients, family medicine doctor, Dr. Helen Hilts takes no medication for diabetes because of how she eats. An Arizona Native, she graduated from Stanford University with further medical training at the University of Arizona and LA County Hospital. She currently sees patients at Honor Health Chaparral in Scottsdale, AZ, and gives many talks on diabetes to laypeople and health professionals. Dr. Hilts continues to study and share with audiences across the nation the science of diabetes and insulin resistance.

Andrea Hall: A certified personal trainer who has created exercise programs for individuals at any level of fitness.  Her strength training program maximizes muscle to manage glucose, incorporates cardio fitness, and supports healthy eating with exercise.  She utilizes resistance bands for easy in-home routines, and additionally trains in the great outdoors or in local gyms.  She communicates to her audience the magic of muscle in a motivating and entertaining style.

Tim Minert:  Owner of Minert Financial and veteran speaker to audiences of financial professionals, Tim incoporates humor and life experience in his presentations.  Tim was mis-diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes instead of Type 1 because of his age (37), and tried everything he could think of to take care of himself. His approach ranged from running like crazy along the canal to eating almost no food. The emotions that followed, challenges and victories, bring hope to people who hear his story.

” I am writing this to recommend Kim Minert. I had the pleasure of hiring Kim for a corporate wellness presentation. She presented to approximately 160 employees on the topic of of a low carb, high fat diet for managing blood sugar and A1C levels. Kim was engaging, articulate and passionate about her topic. She truly connected with the audience, especially when she shared her struggle and victories with managing her diabetes and blood sugar levels. Kim was approachable, relatable, and an expert in her field. I would highly recommend Kim to any organization that is wanting to educate, inspire and put their group into immediate action to create a better life and greater health. I would hire Kim again in a heartbeat.” 
Noelle Stanley, My Body Balanced, Corporate Wellness Director Ping Golf

“I wanted to thank you again for facilitating the “Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes” class for the ASU employees. I really appreciate the last minute fill in for Dr. Hilts! We had a wonderful turnout and the audience was very engaged. Thank you for your support to the ASU Employee Wellness Program, it was a pleasure meeting you.
Sincerely, Liz Badalamenti Director ASU Faculty Wellness

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Diabetes is not a health crisis in America today for lack of opinion articles, online ‘authorities’, or websites on the subject.  What IS lacking is the truth about how the body processes food, what to avoid, and how to develop nutritional alternatives that empower successful blood sugar management. With discipline, a truth that will let them live again.

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